Is it a shield or a mask? That's an excellent question. Let's investigate.
Is it a shield or a mask? That's an excellent question. Let's investigate.
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Mask: a full or partial covering for the face, made from any material including stone or wood, and used for representation, ritual, ceremony, fun, entertainment or protection from harm.
Shield: a piece of armour crafted to deflect attack, usually made from wood, leather or metal and decorated with symbols indicative of allegiances, religious beliefs and invocations of gods.
Persona: embodiment of values, the public face of an individual or company, positive or negative traits. A persona may convey a complex set of cultural, political, financial or ethical ideals.

Tundu e-Commerce and web design agency

Tundu logo

What is the Tundu logo all about?

Because we like flexibility, and in honour of the two sides of the face that the logo shows, we've decided it's both a shield and a mask.

In Ancient Rome, the word persona meant mask. In modern Britain, we commonly use the word to mean an embodiment of values.

In Africa, young apprentices serve under master carvers and often the skill is passed through generations of the same family.


What is Tundu's heritage?

Reach Global logo

We look like a new company - in fact, we're the creative media arm of Reach Global, a group that encompasses Adrac, Searchers, Netmovers, UKSME and others.

Tundu is the cream of expertise from these companies, working together under the Tundu brand. We work efficiently and to high standards, we listen, we believe in good customer service and value for money.

We honestly believe in what we do.

Be sure, when you ask for our help, you're asking experts in internet marketing, e-commerce, online advertising, web design, SEO and branding.

What we don't know, we'll find out, because we have great contacts across the North West and even across the world, especially in Poland and Asia.

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Tundu always puts quality first. We hold ourselves accountable to reach or exceed our goals and continually improve everything we do.
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